Warnings and notes.

Warning! this is a draft! I am seeking opinions for polishing.

This page is where you will find really general important points and warnings that I think are useful for a reader to know. I will add to the list as I think of new items.


General Content Warning

This is a blog that is dealing with very sensitive subjects. I want you to know that I am making a strong effort to ensure accuracy, respect sensitivity, and avoid gratuitously offending anyone.


I will be writing about Tourette’s Syndrome because I have it.

I will be passionate and play with disturbing things because that is my nature.

I will be metaphorically using “demons” because my heritage gives me the right.

This blog has the potential to be disturbing because Tourette’s Syndrome (TS) is often disturbing. But I will not be doing anything that might bother someone without a reason. If you have any questions please contact me.

My Writers Voice

I am playing with my writers “voice” here, and from now on when I post. This may be startling to some of you. I’m going to bounce back and forth between “regular me” and my “demon”. The demon represents several things including my personal opinions and speculation as well as the felt external energy that TS contributes to everything, given form as a character. White text and text inside of angle brackets “<>” is “regular me”. Red text and text inside of square brackets “[]” is my “Demon”. Separating my opinions from more objective comments on current science is very important and I may modify the details of the separation as I go.


We all love it and use it. But how accurate is it and how do we use it well? Wikipedia warning! I will be linking Wikipedia a lot here so that readers will have easy access to information but you must know that this comes with risks. A good general rule is to assume that 10% of what you read on Wikipedia is not accurate. This is because anyone can edit it and wars often take place in it’s pages.

If you really care about what you are reading about there are things you must learn to do:

*Follow the citation trail. If you can not read the link to the original source, assume that the knowledge may be wrong. This does not mean you can not use it but the memory in your mind should recall a warning.

*Consider Googling an expert that knows about the subject and see if they have a blog. If they do you can assume that they are socially interactive and might not mind an email. They may be willing to help you understand.

*Google what you just read and include words like “skeptic” or “rebuttal” or synonyms. See if there is a dispute and try to understand what is really thought about the fact.

It sucks. But when has humanity not fought over what we think we know? You need skills to figure it out.

My Vocabulary and Concepts Page

Just like Wikipedia, you should be careful about people that use their own definitions for things on the internet, including me. I am going to provide a standard (or equivalently so) definition, and then I’m going to often add my own version. I do not do this on a whim and I am willing to explain anything. But there are some things that are hard to get across to people when your brain literally processes things differently. On top of that TS has to do with language processing, and often the examples of that are disturbing. My emotions are not connected to our language the same way that yours are, unless you also have TS (and even then individual differences count). I will have to get creative from time to time.


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